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In August's "Notes & News," I introduced you to a "A Sunset Plaza Makeover," the landscape I was designing and building for an international film produce and his family. In November, I followed up by showing you what was involved in creating the garden's "Wall of Water." And now, after eight months, the planning and designing has come to an end, the construction is over (and aren't my clients thrilled), all the trees, hedges and plant material have been installed and the cushions, pillows and other accessories are exactly where they should be.

As the following photographs will show (all by Luke Gibson of Luke Gibson Photography), this has been an extraordinary project. Defined by a series of descending terraces, my client's new backyard includes a large living area and fire place, a dining area and outdoor kitchen, our famous wall of water, as well as a pool and spa and a charming entertainment room adjacent to the pool.

It has also been a wonderful experience – my clients have been terrific to work for and with – and the result, a collaboration of intent and execution, will provide them, their family and friends with a beautiful and livable landscape for years to come. As a landscape designer, this is as close as I come to perfection.

Holiday Greeting 2012

The Living Area

When the house was re-designed, two large accordion windows were installed, becoming the outdoor wall of the living room. When these windows are folded together (as they are in this picture) the entire living room is opened up to the outdoors. Taking full advantage of this, I designed an outdoor living room and fireplace, kitchen and dining area so that the in- and out-of-doors become one. To help define these areas and to provide shade and a sense of permanence, two eighty-year-old olive trees were moved from Sacramento and craned-in over the house and into place.

The Dining Area & Kitchen

Adjacent to the living area is the dining area and outdoor kitchen. In addition to the sink, grill, oven and refrigerator, there is a window and door that connects the outdoor to the indoor kitchen. While a "pass-through" seems so "60s", it actually works quite well when you're moving food and all manner of serving dishes back and forth.

I placed the dining table and banquet at the corner of this terrace to take advantage of the view that overlooks the middle terrace, walkway and pool. There are two plate glass dividers that protect the dining area from wind but do not interfere with the view, which is particularly beautiful at night when the pool and surrounding area is illuminated.

The Wall Of Water

This water feature (see creating the garden's "Wall of Water.") is an aspect of the landscape's design that was a specific request of the husband. It serves as the transition point from the living and dining areas above to the pool and spa below. At night (as seen above) it become a focal point for anyone using the pool or pool house. In addition, the sound of the cascading water serves as a soothing background to those eating dinner directly above it.

The Pool Area

The pool, the surrounding terrace, the spa and the pool house were completely redone. Banquets and a ficus hedge were added to enclose the pool and provide privacy and seating for large parties. The three-tiered-terrace in the background was constructed, planted and three D.D. Blanchard Magnolias were craned-in over the house and planted on its top level. As they mature, they will provide a stunning backdrop to the pool.

The turquoise of the tile that was used in the pool, spa and it's back splash was used as the accent color in the pillows in the pool house and on the banquets. The pool and spa, when not being used, become fountains, with sprays of water arching up from spigots around the pool and from an opening in the spa's back splash.

The Pool House

The pool house was also completely redesigned. In addition to the two large banquets with storage below, there is an ice maker and refrigerator. With the large flat-screen television, the pool house becomes a night-time screening room and an excellent place to watch the Oscars.

Designed for a family of four, these multiple terraces and their "outdoor rooms" will function beautifully both for small gatherings and business meetings and for large industry parties.

Garden Consultation

If you're interested in learning more about our landscape design, contracting and maintenance services and would like to set up a phone consultation or arrange a site inspection, please give me a call (323-461-6556) or email me. I also love giving advice and have provided garden consultations to any number of folks with great results.

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