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One of LA's
Five Best Landscape Designers

Selected by CBS News' Latest Best of LA as one of five Best Landscape Designers In Los Angeles—Garden of Eva is a full-service Los Angeles landscape designer, contractor and landscape maintenance company. Known for our eco-friendly and sustainable "green" gardens, featuring drought-tolerant, low-maintenance native and Mediterranean plant species, we are equally at home designing English-style perennial gardens, gardens featuring native wildflowers, vegetables and herbs as well as contemporary, Zen-inspired minimalist gardens.

To view our portfolio of residential, commercial, drought tolerant and hardscape designs, please visit our Landscaping Projects page.

Since 1995, Eva Knoppel and the Garden of Eva Landscape Design Group has designed and built well over 2,000 residential, commercial and public gardens.

Insured, bonded and licensed (Lic. 853306) by the State of California, we serve as general contractors, working with our own construction crew for all our installations. There is no job too large or too small that we are unwilling to undertake.

Design – Build – Maintain

While many landscape designers focus only on the designing, we wear both hats – designer and contractor. We are there for our clients from concept through installation and will also provide the garden's essential, on-going maintenance.

By covering all aspects of a garden's creation or expansion, we offer our clients a budget-conscious, time-sensitive matrix that provides for better communication, accountability and feedback.

Our Philosophy

We believe that nature is an essential part of the human condition and that in today's world the garden is, unfortunately, our primary means of contact.

Whether it's a front yard landscaping, a backyard or perennial garden, a swimming pool landscaping, a cutting garden, an atrium, a balcony, a large estate or an urban landscape — a garden offers a place for quiet activities, a place that delights all who pass by, a space to learn, an outdoor area for entertaining and recreation, a place to escape from everyday stress, a setting to watch the wonders of nature unfold, a place to revisit memories, or a means of eliminating unwanted sights and sounds.

It heals what doctors can't. It nurtures the soul and dazzles the eye, and it all begins with your dreams.

The Process

Pre-Planning: meet with the client to gather background, priorities, design guidelines and review proposed budget.

Preliminary Design: review site, usage requirements and environmental conditions and develop a schematic study — present conceptual drawings, plant selection and initial construction costs for client's review and approval.

Final Design: make adjustments based on client review — add detail — finalize materials and plant species — execute construction plans and working drawings — secure necessary permits.

Construction: demolition and/or plant removal, hardscape construction (i.e., all built elements such as patios, walkways, paths, fences, walls, driveways, fountains, pools, ponds, pergolas, arbors, gazebos, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, etc.), irrigation, planting, lighting, garden furniture and decorative accessories.

Maintenance: see to the health, well being and cultivation of newly planted trees, shrubs and grasses, and maintain the look and natural development of the garden.


We are a member of The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) and the California Landscape Contractors Association.


If you would like to learn more about our residential and commercial Los Angeles landscape contracting service, please contact us at 323-461-6556 or fill out our Contact Information Form and we'll be in touch.

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