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While often minimized or pushed to the back burner, the on-going maintenance of a garden is essential, not only to guarantee its health and long-term appearance, but to protect what could easily be a substantial investment. As a state licensed, bonded and insured landscape maintenance company, Garden of Eva Landscape Design Group offers twice-monthly, monthly or quarterly services as well as bi–annual irrigation maintenance.

To view our portfolio of residential, commercial, drought tolerant and hardscape designs, please visit our Landscaping Projects page.

Here is a list of the landsccape maintenance services that, depending on you and your garden's needs, we will be pleased to provide:

Weekly Maintenance

Planter Beds/Groundcover/Trees:

  • Weed
  • Deadhead blooms/yellow leaves
  • Inspect for disease/pests (bugs, snails, etc.)
  • Shrubs pruned and shaped
  • Vines shaped and trained
  • Maintain trees (up to 10')


  • Spray with weekly solution


  • Mow
  • Edge
  • Re-seed bare spots


  • Clean/wipe down patio furniture
  • Blow
  • Water pots and hose down plants
  • Clean street gutters

Monthly Maintenance

  • Fertilize roses and citrus
  • Check irrigation
    • adjust timers twice yearly
    • change timer battery yearly

Quarterly Maintenance

  • Fertilize lawns
  • Fertilize beds/ground cover
  • Clean house gutters